BasementBeatz was founded in August of 2007 by Jesse and Chad Reis of Dormont, PA.

BasementBeatz is a production crew started by brothers Chad and Jesse Reis. Their strong point of production is the fact that they are extremely versatile, yet they still bring their own unique sound at the same time. Their versatility is shown by their 475+ beats of more than 18 different genres! Each and every BasementBeatz instrumental is made with Pro Tools 8 as the main DAW, and they use Propellerhead Reason 4.0 rewired as their main software. They have KRK Rokit 5’s as their studio monitors. Whether it be composing beats from scratch, sampling old records, or using live instrumentation, BasementBeatz does it all and does it all well. To help with the live instrumentation, they have 2 guitarists that they collaborate with, Alex Lehman and Jamie Reis.

BasementBeatz Production Credits:

Includes Artists:  Trina, Jay Bezel, Wes Fif, Shy Glizzy, Wale, John Boy, Pill, Ras Kass, Khleo T, A-Mafia, Comrade, Nappy Roots, Clearport, Boaz, Potency, Chris “GQ” Perry, J-Bo (of Youngbloodz), JD Era, Gabe, J-Lie, B-Free, Colicchie, VG, Porta Rich, Luchey Tha Great & many more!

Includes TV Shows:  MTV – The Real World (Portland: Hot and Bothered), Oxygen – Bad Girls All Star Battle (The Ultimate Cat Fight [#107])

Featured On:  HNS Magazine – Beats 101 (Beatmakers You Can Trust), HNSRadio Live Radio Show, Unsigned Hype Radio

On August 2-3 of 2011, BasementBeatz entered in their first ever producer showcase event. They swept the competition and were crowned as the winners of the “iStandard Producers Showcase: Pittsburgh Edition”.

Chad Reis

Chad Reis – CEO and Co-Founder,

Chad Reis is the 22 year old beat phenom and the younger brother of Jesse of BasementBeatz. Chad first got his hands on a Fruity Loops Studio demo back when he was in Elementary School. After learning the basics, Chad started listening deeper into music and learning the history of musical eras. He started making full beats, rather than just simple melodies, whenever his older brother Jesse took an interest in a rap career. When he kept hearing that his beats were better than everyone elses, something sparked a flame. This is when the two brothers got together and decided that they would no longer make music as a hobby and start making a full time career out of it. As the years went on, BasementBeatz kept making great music and expanded as a business. BasementBeatz has sold an impressive 4,500+ beats to artists from all around the globe! With Chad’s ever-growing knowledge and advanced skill set, the sky is the limit.

Jesse Reis

Jesse Reis – CEO and Co-Founder,

Jesse Reis is the 29 year old hip-hop virtuoso and older brother of Chad of BasementBeatz. Jesse has always had a strong connection with hip-hop music starting back whenever he first listened to Biggie, Snoop Dogg and Tupac. His love for the music made him want to become an artist himself. At the age of about 16 he began his path to becoming a rapper. Chad and Jesse would spend hours making beats and setting up equipment daily in order to put out mixtape tracks. Throughout the years, Jesse has written literally thousands and thousands of pages of lyrics and recorded hundreds of songs. Thinking about the bigger picture, Jesse knew that it was going to be harder than it first seemed to make a career out of being an MC. This is whenever he talked to Chad and they both made a master plan to become a production team. Jesse’s strong background in hip-hop and love for artists such as Beanie Sigel, Cam’ron, The Game, ect. really shine through when listening to his beats.